I help burnt-out guardians master their energy and make space for creativity.

You’re tired of the daily grind. You're ready to step into something fresh and authentically you but you need direction and momentum.


Hi, I'm Margaret Pineda.


I'm an energy healer, massage therapist and recovering burnt-out mom who's learning to find a simple, slower pace while still being impactful.


I entered the wellness field over a decade ago, had kids, and forgot who I was amidst the daily hustle until my body had enough and started to show health symptoms.


While trying to feel better, I learned that my body was showing me how I was living off track. As I found my creativity again, my health made a full recovery.


I'm here to share my passion for self-healing to help you reconnect with yourself. If you're into simplicity, energy mastery and finding creativity again you've come to the right place.


I've since worked with CEOs overcoming cancer to parents with depression and anxiety to help them reclaim their energy, channel it into their passions and move forward with renewed purpose.


You're designed to thrive too.


Welcome Guardians.
Whether you're a parent, caregiver, teacher or someone that works with children, your well-being is essential but often overlooked.

Did you know that up to 93% of communication is non-verbal? Let's work on that.

Here you'll find tools to help you navigate self-healing, master your energy and rediscover creativity. When you feel supported, you'll naturally hold a loving and healing space for those around you. This is essential for being a guide to our future generations.

Ready to try something new?

Start your journey here...

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Energy Shift Session

A healing session designed to recalibrate your mind and soul to new levels of energy and creativity. Leave with clarity, lightness and action steps to live in alignment with your soul.

Pathway to Passion

For those committed to growth and self-discovery: ​A 2-month energy-healing journey designed to connect you with your natural gifts and thrust you forward into your most creative life.


Passion is a willingness to break through barriers for what you love.