Hi, I'm Margaret Pineda.


I’m a Bio-energy Practitioner and Massage Therapist with a knack for sensing the invisible barrier between healing and living out our passion. I infuse wisdom from over a decade of hands-on work with clients and energetic mastery that evolved from my own life lessons.


I love helping burnt-out guardians make space for passion. My mission is to guide self-healers into understanding their bodies and find creativity again.

I'm also a Gene Keys guide and a student of Human Design. I fell in love with the accuracy and depth of this wisdom and use it to guide others towards their natural gifts. 

Ready to reignite your spark?


It all started when I went back to work after having my first kid. I was juggling life while still sleep-deprived and figuring out motherhood. I started experiencing anxiety, eczema, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).


I felt overwhelmed, numb and restless and I ignored it by binging on Netflix. I felt guilt every time I wanted to be alone. And I felt trapped. I had a loving family and a steady career. How could this add up? 

My health symptoms worsened. My eczema was spreading around my wrists and hands and my stomach would cramp as my daughter woke up throughout the night. I tried an elimination diet after testing positive for a long list of food sensitivities but it had little effect so I gave it up after two months of restriction.


I was frustrated and betrayed by my body. I couldn’t accept this broken version of me. 




At my first workshop, I wanted to do the full training in Costa Rica. I didn’t have the money and thought I was selfish. My teacher encouraged me to rephrase it as the best gift for myself, my family and the world.


I couldn’t imagine what happened next. Thirty minutes after I said "yes" I was gifted with a substantial financial gift that funded my trip and my family was very supportive.


Bio-energy healing was a gentle but powerful catalyst for healing my deepest wounds. It led me on a life-changing journey that taught me a valuable lesson: 


I discovered the deeper I could feel myself, the more deeply I felt connected to the world.  


Somewhere along the way I began to respect my body’s messages and in the two years I had eczema, I realized it was exactly where my wrists were strapped to a gurney as a child going in for surgery. Eventually the day I told my mom about a childhood secret the eczema vanished overnight.


As a massage therapist, I’ve worked with so many people who feel powerless and view their bodies like a broken unpredictable machine. I promised to share my story with the world.




At first I was terrified of “coming out” and speaking my truth but I knew I was meant to follow my heart. I finally became ready to unite all the natural parts of myself — the mystic, the entrepreneur, the creative rebel, the healer, the powerhouse — and step fully into the purpose that would allow me to help others without depleting myself.


I believe you're capable of healing and experiencing beauty, passion, connection and enchantment in this lifetime. Sometimes we just need a little extra help along the way.  On the blog you'll find ways to reconnect to yourself and discover the extraordinary gifts you were born with.


Whatever you accomplish doesn't really matter. What matters is that you found a pathway back to your heart and creativity.




Genius: Insight. Simplicity. Understanding. Revolution.

Line: Changer. Energy & Experience. Impact. Voice.

Type: 3/5 Manifesting Generator

Strategy: to respond

What it means: I’m here to use my experiential wisdom to help you rise above mental noise so all that’s left is truth. I'm here to invite others, especially parents, into a new way of creative living without sacrifice. It's time to pave the way for future generations. As a multi-passionate soul, I inspire you to follow your dreams so you can leave Earth knowing you had the best ride of your life. I love what I'm here to do!


Genius: Graciousness. Transmutation. Idealism. Discrimination.

Line: Teacher. Education & surrender. Interaction. Movement.

Type: 6/3 Manifesting Generator

Strategy: to respond

What it means: The business is a conduit from higher spiritual realms to challenge the direction of mass consciousness and call out those who’ll listen to break out of their compromised patterns and find freedom. It’s here to provide the right environment for our natural gifts to emerge so we can step into a new paradigm of self-empowerment and true connection. It offers a dynamic burst of energy to propel souls forward in a balance of service and self-love. My biz is my spiritual playground!


A new paradigm of sovereignty and heart-based living

I believe the difference between suffering and thriving in a world of uncertainty is creativity. When we’re tapped into creativity, we’re really channeling a connection to the Divine. 


We keep moving no matter what happens because we see how our self expression can touch other lives. We give joyfully and become magnets for prosperity on all levels.


Bio-energy Healing cuts through the noise and launches you into a new paradigm of standing up for what you believe in and bringing your mission to life. 

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The credentials

My role as a healing facilitator and somatic guide comes from a variety of experiences:


Professional background:

  • Certified Bio-energy Healing Practitioner & Reiki Level 2

  • Over 10+ years as a Massage Therapist with post-graduate training in the nervous system, organs and fascia (still practicing in White Rock, BC Canada and loving it)

  • Studied inherited family trauma with Mark Wolynn, a world leader and pioneer in the field of generational trauma

  • Certified Gene Keys guide and a life-long student of this life-changing wisdom

  • HeartMath Add Heart Facilitator


Personal experience:

  • I’ve healed from anxiety, eczema and irritable bowel syndrome medication-free. After a lifetime of hay fever I'm now almost symptom-free. Game changer!

  • I’m a recovering burnt-out mom who's learning to find simplicity and a slower pace while still being impactful

  • I've done a number of meditation and intuitive development classes over the past decade

  • I'm a student of Human Design and have infused the teachings successfully into my life and business

  • I'm a muscle testing nerd and I use the Emotion Code and Body Code systems along with my own charts to precisely discover all kinds of things, including forgotten trauma