10 Business Lessons as a 3/5 Manifesting Generator

Human Design has been a game changer in how I structured my business to thrive on so many levels. In this article I share the mistakes and invaluable lessons I made in a 6-month experiment as a solopreneur through the flavor of the 3/5 lens.

#1: I stopped fitting myself into a box.

Until I welcomed my multi-passionate nature I was convinced I had to choose one career and stick with it. I was trying to be a massage therapist with energy tools. Then I was an energy healer and I didn’t know what to do with the massage therapy part. Then I realized I didn’t want to do either massage or energy work exclusively. Now I know I’m a soul with many tools and I can design my life to honor the changing seasons of my passions.

#2: My mistakes have always contained wisdom.

The 3-line is about experiential wisdom. We learn by falling into holes and saying “wow look what I found down here!”. I’ve had lots of failed relationships, friend drama, a desk job with a waterfront view that eventually led to migraines, and more. Even as my gifts opened up, I’ve learned the hard way what to share and what to keep to myself.

I even spent $5K on a business coach only to realize my strategy wasn’t a straight forward path. All of it has helped me see the humour in being human so I can show up real for others.

#3: A leader doesn’t mean a leading expert.

With the 3/ 5 profile people relate to me best when I show up honestly and share the lessons from my past mistakes. For a while I visualized myself speaking to the masses on stage as an authority but one day I saw myself sitting amongst a small group in the audience and having a heart to heart conversation. This was a moment where I finally felt at ease and stopped proving myself. I was trying to be a 1-line but I’m not.

The people I draw in aren’t looking for the expert at the top of the mountain. They’re looking for someone just above them to extend a hand and help them up.

#4: A leader doesn’t need a crowd to be a leader.

You can guide one person over lunch and make an impact. It took me a few months to realize the time I was spending online was taking me away from real-life connections and soulful conversations. A few “likes” on Instagram did nothing in comparison to the joy of leading a friend out of a dark place and watching them become aware of their innate gifts.

If your energy is designed to speak to the masses, good on you. For me it’s one person at a time… less but better. And my blog allows me the freedom to share on a larger scale when I feel called.

#5: I get paid in the form of joyful experiences.

Coincidently (or not) as a 3-line, experiences are my love language so that’s how the universe gives to me. That looks like time to myself, help with the kids, hiring a house cleaner, restaurant gift cards, hubby doing things for me, paid vacations (yes I’ve manifested free vacations).

When I finished six months with a business coach and felt like a failure for not hitting the financial goals I set I thought I had wasted money only to realize it wasn’t what I wanted after all. Just then I was offered a $5K vacation for my family. That was a sign it was all part of the plan. The entire experience taught me to do things my way at my own pace.

I’ve stopped looking for abundance solely through my bank account and instead through the spacious moments to be in my uninterrupted creative flow and with the right people.

#6: When I do what I love, I draw in the right people and opportunities with ease.

Whether I’m having a cacao ceremony or nature walk, it’s during these times that I’ve had multiple clients book sessions while I’m doing what I love. It’s like a radio signal to the universe. I’ve definitely hustled for recognition and success and burnt out. It’s when I stopped caring about the outcome that good things happened.

I recently tripled my healing sessions with no extra marketing. I did get incredibly clear about the results I help people with and that fuelled my passion. I put my heart into every session I walked into and the universe responded by sending me more of the right people and opportunities.

The beauty we chase can be found in a moment with music that penetrates the soul. I love putting on music while I’m writing content or doing chores and enjoying the process. The past few months I’ve felt the most alive during simple rituals at home with music.

I still have lots of emotional moments in between to round things out!

#7: I’m not here to be everything to everyone and that's okay. I’m evolving.

But I am here to help people who like my vibe and value my insight and solutions. I love moving energy and empowering others and felt so restricted working with clients who were at a different stage in their journey.

I’ve slowly found my boundaries to make space for high resonant clients. I’ve had to sit in the discomfort of thoughts like “Who do I think I am to decide who I want to work with?”

It felt so empowering the first time I "released" a client who wasn't a good match. I told them I honestly didn't want to take their money and not see them get better. They needed a specific kind of therapy and I still believed they had the capacity to heal, just not with me at this time. This person walked away feeling respected and supported.

In the bigger unfolding, clients who aren’t a vibrational match are meant to work with someone else and saying no puts them on that trajectory faster.

The 5-line has a management flavour and therefore a high level perspective that allows us to see practical solutions to problems. We naturally have a bit of “distance” as leaders and even though we’re compassionate we’re not designed with the same intimacy as other lines. What a relief when I realized I'm not designed to be a counsellor! We don’t get lost in the depths of someone else’s emotions but we offer a chance to raise them up when they’re ready.

#8: I let go of the need to master one thing.

Though I may not be a renowned expert in each of my tools, my magic is in the way I combine things that makes it more powerful than the individual parts.

My natural tendency is to learn something once like the Gene Keys, move onto something else and then come back to it when I feel called, each time letting the wisdom sink deeper. I’m not designed to sit with one thing for a straight period of time.

As manifesting generators we can have the tendency to feel like imposters because we jump around a lot but for us it’s the experimentation of mixing different things rather than the accumulation of knowledge.

#9: I slowed down instead of jumping to the next thing.

Even though the 3-line and manifesting generators like change and variety, we can be too quick to move on to the next shiny opportunity out of fear we’ll stagnate. This isn’t coming from the heart. Because really, if we’re only putting in 50% effort because we want to be somewhere else then life will hold out on us to the same degree.

I was so fixated on being somewhere else in my business but it wasn’t until I decided to put my heart and full presence into my current situation that things naturally found momentum.

I was trying to build an online healing biz at full throttle but realized I love in-person sessions and blogging more than online marketing. That’s what feels effortless and frees up my time to have fun and be with my family. For now I’m letting the online presence grow at a sustainable pace.

#10: I stopped guessing what people wanted and took notice of what the human network was asking me.

Generators and manifesting generators are here to respond to what lights them up. Once you lean into this, building a business becomes mystical as you start noticing patterns. What are people asking you about? What triggered you today? What conversation topics do you notice?

I kept drawing in burnt-out parents who knew there was more to life and wanted to finally give back to themselves. After a while it became clear this was my audience because this was once me!

Knowing my Human Design has empowered me to… well, just be me! I’m no longer falling short of a goal. In business, it’s like taking a welcoming exhale to enjoy the ride as a manifesting generator more than the destination. For us there’s many different views with good company along the way.


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