7 Ways to Enter the Present Moment Without Meditation

Can’t sit down and meditate? No problem! Here are 7 tips inspired by The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle that will help create more space in your day, no matter your style of feeling grounded.

#1: Inner body awareness

Notice how your body feels at this moment. Does anything draw your attention right away? Follow areas of pain or tension and drop the label. Maybe you notice a light, expansive feeling somewhere (most of us get drawn to discomfort first). View it like a curious observer noticing a sensation for the first time. Notice what happens to the sensation as you continue to watch it.

#2: One conscious breath

Be present with every moment and sensation of one inhale and exhale and you’ll start to create more space for yourself. Do this throughout the day to recenter.

#3: Listen to the gaps

You know that feeling when someone says “Whoa did you hear that?”. For a moment we’re really present! And we can purposely create more of these moments.

Listen to the silence between sounds. Try this on a nature walk or even in conversation with someone. Silence is the universe's canvas.

#4: Observe without labels

Go for a walk and pretend you're a newborn baby seeing the world for the first time. Use all your senses. You'll quickly notice how your mind wants to judge and label everything. At first I had a silent running commentary of my neighborhood on walks… “I like their yard, that looks weird…”

Gently let it all go. To a baby, a tree isn't even a "tree".

#5: Surrender to what is

There are only 2 kinds of thoughts: #1 things we can control and #2 things we can't.

The serenity prayer sums it up perfectly: “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

If you’re dealing with a #1 thought, what small action step can you take in this moment? If it’s a #2 thought, deem it out of your control.

#6: Gratitude

Look around you right now. What's something you're thankful for? Fill your heart with appreciation for that person/thing/situation. Acknowledge how worthy you are of having that person/thing/situation in your life.

#7: Use your hands

Take a minute (or more) to be present with the motion of your hands while doing everyday things like sipping a drink or washing the dishes.

There you have it! Seven ways to leave the past or future and come back to now. I especially love #3 and #4 on walks and I do #1 and #2 regularly throughout the day. Wishing you many spacious moments.


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