A Letter to Manifesting Generators

Fall in love with the creative force you are. Shine brightly by putting your whole heart into being extraordinary at what you do. You’re here to master many things.

Stop wishing to be recognized like a Projector and initiating like a Manifestor. The world is here to give you opportunities to feel passion and all you have to do is respond if it feels right.

The most effortless use of your energy is to master whatever you feel drawn to in this moment, wait and let the universe work out the details. Your energy then becomes an unstoppable, magnetic force for the right people and projects when you do what you love.

Could it really be this easy? Can you really thrive by following what excites you?

The answer is YES.

As a MG myself, my milestone moments were never initiated. But I had to work up the courage to say yes because I deserved it.

It’s okay to be awesome at many things even if others specialize. It’s alright if all your passions don’t make sense together.

It’s okay to learn something only to switch directions and return to it later. Each time you integrate the wisdom even deeper.

Manifesting Generator—you are a divine alchemist, blending your gifts to offer something more powerful than its parts.

Nobody has done it like you. And that’s all the more reason to see what happens.

Step out of the box.


Hi! I'm Margaret.

I'm an energy healer and a Massage Therapist. I'm all about helping burnt-out guardians make space for passion. My hope is to inspire you to heal yourself and find creativity again. Grab a cup of tea, slow down and enjoy tips on self-healing, creativity, energy mastery. Find out how you can work with me.