Gene Key 14: Radiating Prosperity

The Pathway of Compromise - Competence - Bounteousness

The Gene Keys are a guiding compass that have helped me embrace my natural talents, learn from my shadows and live a wildly creative life.

You’ll find a one-minute summary, contemplation ideas, my own experience with this gene key, and noteworthy points from Richard Rudd’s extensive work at that continue to help me anchor the teachings into my life.

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Summary of Gene Key 14:

I’m so flippin’ tired. Tired of compromising who I am and living for everyone else but me. It’s time to start listening to my heart and believe in myself again. It’s time to reclaim my energy and health.

With time I’m doing what I love. Because I love it, I put my whole heart into it and the enthusiasm is contagious. I do it in my own natural way. I can be both receptive and creative and this leads to efficiency.

Competence spills into other areas of my life. Once I learn something I figure out how to apply it elsewhere and welcome a challenge. I radiate confidence and certainty.

My life is now filled with love. I easily draw in the right opportunities and allies in the service of empowering others. With all of this I’m grateful. The more I give, the more I’m given. The more I’m given, the more grateful I feel.

Shadow: Compromise - the dilemma of self belief

Compromise is the result of living without a sense of personal freedom. It’s the inability to believe in the power of our own uniqueness and a deep fear that we can't reach our dreams.

Life’s filled with outer compromises like missing an event to care for a sick child but we do it because we love them.

Living without inner compromise means listening to what feels true in your heart and believing in yourself.

When we make inner compromises we settle for second best which means we can never fully enjoy what we do. If we don’t enjoy it then we can never excel at it.

Compromise never brings prosperity because it makes us a follower rather than a creator.

The more we compromise out of fear, the more our life force energy stagnates and depletes our ability to create. There’s a heaviness that makes our spine droop and causes problems in our posture, internal organs and glands.

The reactive nature of this shadow is people stuck in the wrong job trying to prove themselves for recognition but even when they get it, it doesn’t fulfill them because they’ve never unleashed their full potential.

Associated with a poverty mindset. It’s like a huge inheritance inside us that we refuse to spend so everyone starves. We have the power to help our community but hold back.

Poverty consciousness fears success and power. It wants to keep us small and hides behind false humility.

Gift: Competence - the fire in the belly

Competence is the quality a person brings when they love what they do. It includes efficiency, enthusiasm, flair and flexibility. It allows for an endless supply of energy to do work.

A powerful feminine principle guides this mostly masculine energy. While taking action one is able to listen and respond to their environment and stay centered. It’s the ability to switch between creativity and receptivity.

Efficiency is like drawing a saw towards us (more precise) rather than pushing it away (faster but less precise) to perform a task with elegance and precision in alignment with natural rhythms.

Competence brings enthusiasm. It’s contagious.

A competent team can’t have members who compromise. All you need is one member with this gene key for the power to get transferred to the group energy.

14th Gene Key individuals often are natural teachers who empower others. They work best within a small team (3-15 people) where their unique skills are respected.

Competence brings flexibility. Once you learn something you can apply it to other areas of your life and welcome a challenge. You’re also not afraid of doing things your way while respecting the way others do it and still welcome advice.

The 14th Gene Key is all about love. Those who love unconditionally generate huge inner wealth and radiance which generates friends, opportunities, blessings and more love. Love brings more love. Remember this divine formula.

The 14th Gene Key magnetizes the right support and financial wealth as long as it’s used in the service of empowerment.

When we serve for the love of it with no expectations in return, we naturally show patience. The more patient we are, the more our dreams pick up speed.

Competence is unafraid of success and power; it radiates confidence and certainty.

Mothers especially with this gift have a powerful spirit that forms the backbone of a family, empowering each child as they grow and inspiring strength and purpose in their partners.

Siddhi: Bounteousness

The I Ching translation is Possession in great measure.

The basis of prosperity is gratitude. When we continuously nurture the spark of gratitude inside us it becomes a steady flame, then a fire, then the Sun.

The Sun is bounteous. It gives of itself endlessly, tirelessly. Its gratitude is infinite. It’s continually refueled through the power of its own giving.

With giving comes receiving which is different than taking. Receiving fuels our gratitude. The more we give, the more we’re given. The more we’re given, the more grateful we feel.

This gene key represents the element of gold.


Be honest: where are you making inner compromises in your life?

What small action steps can you take to stay true to your inner values?

Have you compromised love? What would love do in this situation?

What activities do you love and bring a special awareness to? Not what you’re good at, not what skills you’ve learned, not what will make you money, not what will get you recognized. What do you love?

Contemplate the human toroidal field and feel how energy flows in and out in an endless cycle of giving and receiving.

Consider keeping a gratitude journal to write down “3 Good Things”. This could be small wins to celebrate, uplifting experiences or gratitude for specific things.

My experience with Gene Key 14

The way of Competence is my Vocation. I hired a coach to help me build my business and what helped immensely in the process was understanding my Pearl Sequence.

It takes real honesty to admit where we’re compromising.

As a massage therapist, compromise is holding back on my abilities in order to please a client who isn’t ready to meet me at the next level of healing. I’ve had thoughts like “It’s not my place to judge their healing process” and “Who do I think I am to choose who I want to work with?” I began to feel bored and resentful at work. It was really because I was scared to show up fully and not be everything to everyone.

I had to start by reframing my thoughts. Accepting where someone is in their journey doesn’t mean I have to work with them. I need to create space for clients who are ready and willing to experience my unique gifts and that looks like a respectful no to others. It’s not easy inner work!

By using my blog and social media as creative outlets, I’m able to connect directly to the hearts of my fractal line (my community) and that’s what lights me up. This has also led to invitations for me to share my wisdom. My slice of truth :)

Competence: being damn good at what you do, by far.

I’m multi-passionate by nature so there’s many tools that excite me to help others create space for their passions. As the Gene Key of my vocation, the more I focus on mastering my craft, the more opportunities flow my way. I don’t have to strategize or complicate my life (trust me I experienced this by trying to copy others).

I keep a notebook so I can jot down things I notice in sessions I can look up later. I give myself 10-30 minutes a few evenings each week to learn. When I do it sticks because it’s relevant and applicable to what I’ve seen that day. Compounded each day, that’s a lot of applicable knowledge!

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