Gene Key 43: Breakthrough

The Pathway of Deafness - Insight - Epiphany

The Gene Keys are a guiding compass that helped me embrace my natural talents, learn from my shadows and live a wildly creative life.

You’ll find a one-minute summary, contemplation ideas, my own experience with this gene key, and noteworthy points from Richard Rudd’s extensive work at

Sharing these summaries helps me to anchor the teachings more deeply into my life.

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Summary of Gene Key 43:

Say what? I can’t hear you. Actually I can’t hear myself. I’m too busy being busy and thinking I know what I’m doing to listen.

Then along the way I learned to pause, tune out the collective noise and finally hear myself. That’s when the breakthroughs come unexpectedly.

Now I’m a creative rebel who thinks outside the box. When I access that quiet place inside me, insight comes more frequently. I don’t waste time because my ideas allow me to be efficient.

It seems the more I embrace this gift, the more simple life becomes.

Shadow: Deafness - The dilemma of knowing

Deafness isn't silence—it’s noise and activity. It’s the inability to hear what’s going on inside you due to the white noise of collective fear.

“Why am I here? What should I do?” We can’t handle the silence of the question without an answer so we numb the fear of uncertainty and not knowing by filling our lives with busyness..

“We’re simply too busy worrying to hear or too busy knowing what we’re doing to listen.”

Shows up as breakdown, physical exhaustion, emotional overwhelm or mental obsessiveness.

Everything we do to try to reach fulfillment makes life more complicated.

We spend most of our time trying to create happiness in the future.

Thinking we know it all stops us from being receptive to another person's experience.

We can love someone without understanding them completely. There’s always something new to discover about them.

Gift: Insight - The creative rebel

You use the same deafness at the gift level to cut out all the external noise.

Insight requires a calm inner environment.

We can’t force breakthroughs but we can create the conditions for breakthrough to occur - pause often, surrender to not knowing, embrace unpredictability.

The creative rebel doesn’t believe the mind. It thinks outside the box and makes space for insight to occur.

The creative rebel doesn't react with frustration or blame but learns to cut a new pathway without worrying where it leads

All about efficiency - use your natural gifts and don’t master spheres outside your needs.

The more evolved we become, the more simple our lives.

Siddhi: Epiphany

Embracing the deafness of silence.

“We can’t know anything - this is the epiphany, and in knowing nothing, we rest in the everything.”

We become ordinary again and know the universe is a hologram and that everything happens according to its own nature in its own time.

We begin as the fool (the newborn) and we end as the fool (the elder).

Healing the collective wound of rejection, an expression of fear held in humanity’s DNA.

This gene key’s destiny is to heal humanity of its deafness and make us truly efficient as a species.


Think of all the things you think you know (ie predicting the outcome of a situation) and try a day without knowing.

Invite more not knowing (surrender) into your life.

A calm quiet environment creates the fertile soil for breakthrough to occur. How can you make space for this regularly?

There are only two kinds of thoughts: those we can control and those we can’t. What are you trying to control that is uncontrollable? Deem it out of your control and let the thought go.

Portals into the present moment - Eckhart Tolle (article coming soon)

Study the fool card in Tarot.

Look at both the wildness and efficiency of nature - you don’t have to master anything outside your needs. The cheetah has its speed and the lion has its night vision.

My experience with Gene Key 43

This gene key is special because it’s my life’s work. When I realized it was about turning deafness into insight I understood that my mental noise was just the seed. Nothing was wrong with me. I was born with this challenge! Like most people, my mind was so focused on making things go right and pleasing people that I had no room for breakthroughs.

As I learned to heal old wounds and deal with my emotions the noise became quieter. I was finally aware of the brief silent gaps between thoughts. They were short at first but over the years have become longer.

Deafness as a health professional

As a new grad out of massage therapy school, the deafness showed up as all the fancy techniques and assessment tools to deal with a client’s pain. If we can diagnose it then there’s solution A, B, C etc. I wasn’t listening to my own guidance and came off as a know-it-all.

Ten years later, I’ve thrown all but a few assessment tools out the window. The gift of insight has allowed me to get quiet enough to use all my senses to witness the body, energetic waves, thoughts and emotions that underpin a client’s pain. I’m able to meet them at a much deeper level in sessions that always leaves me in awe of the body.

Insight needs to be invited

As a wise teacher once told me, "You have a gift. Know when to share it and know when to keep it inside." I've learned the hard way that if a person isn't ready to hear your insight and hasn't invited it then it's best to keep it to yourself. We may confuse good intentions with having something to prove. Learn to wait for the right time and your insight will be welcomed and respected.

Insight brings simplicity

With greater insight comes simplicity (programming partner Gene Key 23) and that’s exactly how life has evolved for me. In my sessions I never have a plan but instead I flow with what the body shows me in each moment.

In life insight brings the best solution or action step at the right time. There's less energy wasted on trying to figure out life and more available to channel into creativity, love and service.

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