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You're designed to thrive too



Creativity isn't reserved for kids at an art table. You have something special to share that's here to change lives. When you live out of alignment, your wise feedback system—your body—lets you know with pain, illness or exhaustion.


Bio-energy healing is a gentle, non-invasive treatment to reset your body, clear your mind and lighten your mood so you can access new levels of energy and creativity.

Does this sound like you?


You’re exhausted keeping up with work and family commitments.


You never seem to have enough time for yourself.


You’ve lost sight of who you are and move through the day feeling numb.


You’re at a career crossroad and are seeking perspective on what to do next.


You’ve been rethinking what truly matters but feel stuck where you are.


You often feel scattered or anxious about the future.


You have physical symptoms but aren’t seeing much improvement with other treatments.


You’re easily triggered or frustrated but can’t seem to break the cycle.

Through our work together you can:


Experience more energy to meet the day and achieve your goals.


Make space for creativity and self-care.


Feel passionate and authentically expressed in life and work.


Discover how to thrive in life, relationships and work.


Gain momentum to thrust you forward into your most creative life.


Slow down and simplify so you can focus on what’s essential to you.


Begin to understand what’s keeping you ill so you can heal at a deeper level.


Remain calm even in the midst of chaos and learn from your triggers.

Choose your journey:

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Energy Shift Session

A healing session designed to recalibrate your mind and soul to new levels of energy and creativity. 


This is for you if:

  • You’re new to energy healing and curious about the experience

  • You want to try it before committing to more sessions


You receive:

  • 1 x Bio-energy healing session

  • Perspective on your body, emotions and energy so you can heal at a deeper level

  • Small action steps to unleash the visionary inside you


Cost: $130 (tax included)

Online Zoom session - 70 minutes

In-person session - 60 minutes

In-person sessions at White Oaks Massage & Wellness in White Rock, BC Canada. To book call the clinic at (604) 538-7168 or email me.

Pathway to Passion

​A 2-month energy-healing journey designed to connect you with your natural gifts and thrust you forward into your most creative life.


This is for you if:

  • You’re committed to growth and self discovery

  • You’re at a crossroad and looking for perspective

  • You feel stuck and want to heal, change or uplevel your life

  • You’re ready to discover how to thrive in life, relationships and work


You receive:

  • 5 x 60-min Bioenergy healing sessions

  • A printed 55-page personalized Human Design blueprint

  • Orientation to your Human Design and Gene Keys blueprint and how to live by design

  • Intuitive guidance to support your creative journey


Cost: $130 per session (tax included)

$149 + GST for printed Human Design blueprint


Note: While 5 sessions are recommended, each person is individual. We can tailor your sessions according to your situation.

Image by Noah Buscher

Your session provides financial aid to my local community through Sources BC and The First Nations Child and Family Caring Society, in an effort to bring reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

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Past client testimonial:

After a full course of bio-energy healing with Margaret, I understood my own energy, feelings, reactions and thoughts much better—where it was coming from, how it affected those around me and most importantly understanding myself and letting a lot of “things” go and accept/love myself. The transformation this triggered in my daily life and disposition was amazing. It’s difficult to put into words but I felt like a light was brightened. I am more calm, centred, relaxed and confident in who I am. I am happier. Not chasing and falling short of an ideal or moving target. Just cooled out and confident. My spouse immediately noticed the differences and even better, it helped me relate to and deal with my kids more effectively and their behaviour improved as a result. So the benefits extend way beyond just me.​


Meet your wellness guide



I'm an energy healer, massage therapist and recovering burnt-out mom who's learning to find a simple, slower pace while still being impactful.


I entered the wellness field over a decade ago, had kids, and forgot who I was amidst the daily hustle until my body had enough and started to show health symptoms.


While trying to feel better, I learned that my body was showing me how I was living off track. As I found my creativity again, my health made a full recovery.


I'm here to share my passion for self-healing and empowerment to help you reconnect with yourself. If you're into holistic healing, essentialism and energetic mastery you've come to the right place.


I've since worked with CEOs overcoming cancer to parents with depression, anxiety and more to help them reclaim their energy, channel it into their passions and move forward with renewed purpose.